The Road to the Sea

We all live beyond the same blue sky,
But the horizon of dreams is different for everyone.
Who of us being a child didn't dream of the sea with its uncharted waters, adventures and clear azure blue waters playing with golden sun's rays under the everlasting blue dome of the sky?

But what did we get when we grew up?

A chance to buy a tour, to toast ourselves in a beach-chair, and stuff our growing bellies in "all-inclusive"?

Is it what you came to the Earth for?

Didn't you want to see not in the picture of GEO but with your own eyes the beauty of uninhabited islands? Or feel the gentle charm of morning breeze? Or sense the strength of a true wind carrying your vessel through crest waves crowned with sea foam?

Is it generally believed that yachts are expensive?

Everything has its budget-friendly ways!
Empty pockets will never prevent us from being who we want to be. It is empty heads and hearts which can do this with us.

This is the beginning of a narration about the South Seas world, spread sails, new adventures, unpredictable waves, beauty and friendship. About the places where emotions reach the appealing depth.

Join naturally…
A yacht costs a fortune,
But it doesn't mean,
That it's out of reach for you
There's no point of buying a yacht if you can rent it,
Just like a car,
Just for a couple of weeks of your holiday
You can get trained for a skipper, receive an international certificate ISSA,

in order to rent a cruiser yacht
(up to 24 meters long)
in any port, in any water area of the ocean for 800 - 3000+ euro per week -

and sail to the farness horizon
with friends or a girlfriend
To go on holiday!
You will be able to sail with your friends or your precious family as far as you want. You will discover new countries and cities, go to secret bays and visit uninhabited islands, take part in international sailing races. You will put in prestigious yacht harbors – marines. You will become quite high and well-connected...
To make money!
If desired, you can go further and acquire a well-paid job of a professional skipper (and looking forward, may be, an instructor).
You will become the captain for your friends and organize your own commercial cruises and events. Around the world. Without formalities, taxes, in the free world of free people.

Yachting is not a sport for millionaires
Holiday onboard of a yacht is affordable for each family

Strangers do not come here!
Yacht is a private trip
played to your own script.
Let's imagine what we can do on a sailing boat?!
It's so cool to go for sailing!
Vibes and adrenalin get the best of you!
Your yacht is your territory. The only rule there is the word of the Captain
The only rule there is the word of the captain

(the Law of the Sea states this)

At light anchorage
Arrived at a picturesque bay?
- Anchor your vessel. Give yourself time to have some rest. Have swim. Have dinner. Bag some rays!
Have a simple snack staying focused on the sailing
Fresh sea air awakens a wolfish appetite!
or have some Med-dinner served to the saloon.
Or climb atop the mast!
And take some stunning pics from vertiginous height!
Go viral!
You can prove your right to be the winner of sailing races!
Or dive and see
How the yacht looks from below
Rope riding
The most powerful hydro-massager of first kind!
Positive emotional gust and energy boost for the whole day!
As well as the best way of giving Neptune all clothes you put on before (experienced yachtsmen take off everything beforehand).
Drop the formalities!
Didn't you dream of having a swim nude?
Get over indecent eyes on a crowded beach. Natural behavior is another facet of the yacht freedom and an element of cultural patterns of yachtsmen.
A flotilla with friends!
Sometimes it's more fun to rent several yachts with friends and go on a cultural or culinary cruise along Cote d'-Azur...

Exciting, isn't it?

Together with people you love to new horizons!
That's great, indeed!
Are you still thinking of your hotel holidays?
Pure emotions!
And nothing extra
The azure waters of Aegean Sea
And your personal beach of precious teak
And fishing of course!
A bit of mastery and the captain will soon feed the whole team.
(a shot from our team's passage to Israel)
And these are the krakens fished out by our students
After some bright selfies the beasts were let go in peace to the depths of the sea
The sun tan on a yacht is the most lasting
And notable for its noble bronze sheen.
Whether the reason is in light refraction in the atmosphere over the sea or water albedo – we don't know.
But a man tanned in the sea is in marked contrast to average tranquility-seekers.
Only wind makes a real lungful possible!
A yacht is a link between the sky and the sea. It's a gigantic harp, which the wind strikes its melodies in tune with your soul.
Listen attentively! Catch your tune!
The sea is a free space for meditation,
filled with the vibes of the nature itself.
We often take professional yogis for sailing meditations
And we know what we say.
It is so simple to figure out things to do on a yacht!
But don't give up on reasonable care!

Private life of a yachtsman

Free outlook on life allows
To see and use new opportunities
Yachting is a different layer of communication and connections!
Those in the know rightfully consider
Hunting for a women using the own yacht is a real poaching :)
Yachting is not only storms and sailing
Coastal life is full of unexpected temptations.
Interesting and reach men are also not uncommon!

Yachting is a new geography:
not of hotels but of the whole globe

The opportunity to rent a yacht and investigate the most different regions of the planet
Unique protected bays of Turkey
Where pine and fir forests run down the hills right into the azure waters of the bay
Greek Archipelago
Where myriads of islands were scattered like pearls by the Almighty Hand long time before. Where the purest water has the deepest blue shades: from dark-blue to light-green.
Friendly Montenegro coast
Where you will be welcomed by sensitively breathing sea and lofty silent mountains.
Marines of Cote d'-Azur
Where millions are in the air and everything is saturated with elegant sensuality
Romantic Italy. We can say so many words about, but none of them is capable to render its charm!
We can say so many words about, but none of them is capable to render its charm!
Atolls of French Polynesia
The last remaining place on Earth where aboriginal paradise wakes in our imagination – now it's open for the chosen ones and... yachtsmen!
Knightly Malta
Historically located at the crossing of West and East
Remote ocean islands
That remember Robinson Crusoe and Captain Blood
You just never know where you will want to head your sails...
It's up to you to decide!
Sailing trip is a great possibility to make your kid's dreams forgotten in time and prose of existence come true.
«Everyone chooses for himself
A woman, a faith and a path…»
Spend your holidays where snow-white sails go for the blue sky, where turbulent wave is fizzing sheared by the stemhead.
Your yacht is skimming on the wind wings obedient to the slightest wave of your hand! Strained ropes are singing with the wind.

Tack ship! ...
Come about....
And now stanchion bases are tracing their foamy patterns on wild waters and salty spindrifts couth up by the wind are spraying into your face.

Only a sailing yacht managed by yourself can make you experience all this real-life excitement in full! Only there you can become truly happy and taste the genuine (not fake) joy of life.

The sea changes all of us naturally. Having gifted yourself with ecstasy of free travel once, you will become a changed man.
Will you adventure
To move the rudder of your life?
We give you a formal warning that "yachting" stimulates the process of intensive production of endorphins in human body as well as adrenaline rush, which in regular sea practice, is strongly psychologically addicting not less than drugs.

We must warn you about it!