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Who of us being a child didn’t dream of the sea with its uncharted waters, adventures and clear azure blue waters playing with golden sun’s rays under the everlasting blue dome of the sky? But what did we get when we grew up? A chance to buy a tour, to toast ourselves in a beach-chair, and stuff our growing bellies in “all-inclusive”? Is it what you came to the Earth for?

Здесь мы детально рассмотрим процесс обучения в парусной школе - шаг за шагом: от вчерашней салаги до новоиспеченного капитана

Этапы обучения яхтингу в парусной школе. Как разобраться в том, что тебе нужно? Ответы найдешь в этой статье.

If you are newbie in yachting. The initial level is for those who are not yet familiar with yachting, or had yacht trip as passenger only

Initial skipper level for inland waterways of Europe (river, canal, lake, reservoir)

The initial skipper level for marine coastal trips. You can take a sailing yacht in charter.

The initial skipper level for marine coastal trips on powerboat. You can take a power yacht in charter.

Offshore Skipper - more advanced captain's diploma, which allows not only to rent the yacht, but also to go at night, at a distance from the shelter

Master of Yacht should possess the same knowledge as Offshore Skipper but should be more fluent in applying it.

"Total Recall" - is a course of intensive therapy of skipper skills after a long lack of practice

Training of young instructors for sailing schools

course of VHF/SRC operator - Knowledge and ability to use the ship's radio and possess skills of radio communications with other vessels and ports.

Powerboat & Megayacht driving training courses

Timetable & Prices for yacht training

Training routes on sailing yacht on Turkish Riviera - 7 or 14 days

Training routes on sailing yacht in Montenegro - 7 or 14 days

Знать и уметь! Подробная программа обучения яхтингу на борту судна и в классе яхтшколы.

Additional Expenses during yacht training

Team of GoSailing School : Instructors and staff

Как найти нашу парусную школу и добраться к нам?

We will tell you in detail about all the stages that you have to go through toward your independent captain's practice

ISSA is a public non-profit association of sailing schools all over the world

Ordering of Skipper Certificates - upon successful completion of the course you are entitled to order your plastic skipper ISSA certificates and ISSA VHF radio operator certificates

Our students feedbacks and reviews of the training in Go Sailing school

Necessary things in the sea. Yacht travel arrangements: what to to take with and what to leave at home?


Yacht charter and charter destinations worlwide

List of ALL published pages of our site