Dear course leavers!
Upon successful completion of the course you are entitled to order your plastic skipper ISSA certificates and ISSA VHF radio operator certificates.

Cost of issuing of the plastic certificate including school's fee:

Seaman (Yacht Crew) ................. 95 EUR
Reference: the seaman certificate certifies you as a useful crew member and your willingness to go to next levels. It doesn't give any special rights. It is ordered at the discretion of the student)

Coastal Skipper (Inshore Skipper) ................. 155 EUR
Reference: the skipper certificate certifies your qualification as a captain and allows you to charter a yacht and sail it during the day-time.

Offshore Skipper (Offshore Skipper) ................. 200 EUR
Reference: the offshore skipper certificate certifies your qualification as a captain and allows you to charter a yacht and sail it in different conditions, including at night, depending on your skipper permission.

VHF / SRC ................................ 100 EUR
Reference: the certificate of VHF operator.
The course of VHF is passed on board and is included into the cost of basic training.
The certificate is ordered and paid separately.

Certificates of ISSA, unlike other certificates, for example, the certificates of a competing young network of IYT, are valid lifetime.
You will not have to reissue your certificates for additional payment each five years.
капитанские сертификаты ждут молодых шкиперов в офисе нашей школы
and what do you need it for?
The logbook is like a passport and a record book of a yachtsman. It identifies your personality, logs your passed miles and passages, in which you participated, it keeps marks received at examinations of different levels of yachting. It is a tremendously useful thing to build your experience. Ask it from your trainer immediately after completion of your passage. We can't issue the logbook post factum.

Does the skipper's experience specified in the logbook have a strong impact on the approval of one or another vessel for charter?

The matter is not in the yacht but in the water area to charter the yacht.We often face situations when charter companies are extremely reluctant to give boats to newly-baked course leavers to sail in tide water areas, especially where there are no spare parts for repair, and any accident with a rented yacht is a breakdown of the chain of charters (for example, the Seychelles). Therefore, they have to ask from you your so called "Sailing CV" which is a copy of records in your logbook. If it lists only two training weeks and no independent charters, the charter company has the right not to give you the yacht. Therefore, we advise to all our students to sail first charters on the Mediterranean, and preferably, within first three months after graduation, so that your skills and knowledge acquired with so much effort would not disappear.

If you want to receive a logbook you pay 30 EUR on board and the trainer will record there your miles and skills. Please note that our office issues logbooks only in exceptional cases (as it is prerogative and responsibility of the trainer).
Логбук - паспорт и зачетная книжка яхтсмена, хранящая все его достижения
From those who wish we wait:

- Your consent to issue the certificate and its publication in the public international database of ISSA (your consent can be written in free form and emailed to
- The name of the ordered certificates and the selected payment method.
- Your photo portrait for the certificate (jpg, up to 1500 Kb, the file's name must be in Name-Surname-19XX.jpg) Please do not confuse the order of your name and surname.
- Payment confirmation for the certificate (a scan or a photo of the receipt, etc.)
- Your exact address for door-to-door delivery of the document and your mobile phone number