Additional Expenses
during yacht training

Rate classes
What is included in the price?

The less people around you the more comfort and training time, but higher the price
— up to 6 students on board, double lodging
—yacht (from 35 to 46 feet), 1 wet cab, 1 wet room bathroom, cold water (hot ashore)
— lodging in cabins and saloon
— single lodging or + one passenger in your cabin +70% or in any other double lodging cabin +100%
— double training +100% (twice as much practical exercises)
— 220W in AC outlets only in the marinas (ports)
— Internet in the coastal cafes or take SIM with 3G internet
— 1 set of bed linen
for 7 days
for 14 days
* - the cost of each course can be changed dynamically just like the cost of air-tickets. Exact and accurate price for a specified date should be checked in our Schedule.
- daily and final cleaning of the yacht is made by the crew
All tariffs INCLUDE
● Living on board.
● Payment for mooring of the yacht in marines along the whole route.
● Payment for fuel discharge of the yacht
● Processing of transitlogs\venete with port authorities
● Eventual repair of the yacht
● Returnable deposits for the yacht
● Civil responsibility of the student for damage to the vessel or other vessels*
● Complete theory course given on board in the form of lectures for the record
● Training on board on course of seaman/of skipper
● Training on board upon the program of VHF operator
● Certificate of completion of the school (if all examinations passed)
● Practical examination on board
● Theoretical examination on board
● Radio operator test on board

* - the responsibility also covers willful damage to the yacht and loss of detachable things (for example, windlass handle, buckets, shot lockers), as well as ecological disturbance and crimes (for example, blockage of wet cabs with foreign objects, tank sewage or fuel discharge in a marine)

All tariffs DO NOT INCLUDE
● Air flight
● Transfer to the place of training from the airport and back
● Mooring and fuel expenses, gas, electricity, fresh water consumption. Turkey: 0-50 euro per person per week; Montenegro - fixed 90 euro fee (per person per week); other countries - upon actual consumption.
● Meal expenses for the student on board (about 70-150 euro per week)
● A share in meals for the trainer (the crew pays for meals for the trainer jointly and independently on the number of students)
● Sporting medical insurance of the student (optionally)
● Plastic certificate of Inshore Skipper 155 euro. It is issued optionally.
● Plastic certificate of VHF Operator 100 euro. It is issued optionally.
● Logbook (passport of a yachtsman) 30 euro. It is issued optionally.
● Personal home-delivery of licenses