Our students feedbacks and reviews of the training
in GoSailing School

On this page we publish our students' reviews of the Go Sailing school and photos of our course leavers photos of our course leavers from the past few years.
Those photos that have been sent to us in the form of letters are stored on our website.
Those photos that are the fruit of artistic understanding of all adventures of the training taken by our students are stored on their home pages and blogs at the links below.

Guys! Send us your links. We will be glad to publish your stories!

The latest reports from trainings, as always, are available on Facebook and other social networks.
If you have any doubts, just ask the authors of the posts – our course leavers.
gosailing graduates feedbacks
Live reviews in screenshots from social networks
Apotheosis of sincere joy and vivid impressions
видеоблог Антона Белякова об обучении в GoSailing в Черногории
Our Graduates 2009-2018