Charter and rental of SAILING yachTS

Charter and rental of a yacht all over the world

The real way to get away from "vegetable" scenarios of rest and diversify your life experience

We are keen to please all our skippers-course leavers.
Now you have the right to a lifetime 10% discount for renting a yacht in 340 charter companies all over the world. You can take a yacht of your dreams for a vacation and book it through our school's charter agency much cheaper than direct booking. To receive the discount on yacht rental, just show your skipper license (see Sailing Certificate) or send its copy together with your reservation request.
In your reservation request, try to describe all criteria and requirements that you have to rental yacht.

In particular: what kind of a yacht you want to rent: a sail or motor yacht? the place (water area), where you want to rent the yacht, as well as your planned number of passengers and cabins, charter terms, which, as a rule, are divisible to weeks, i.e. 7, 14, 21 days (occasionally, you can find a 10-days rental), and the desired age of the yacht.Now we should note the main mistake that young skippers usually make. The matter is that it is wrong to draw an analogy between the age of a car and a sailing or motor yacht – a yacht, being properly cared, is considered new for more than ten years. At the same time, during the first two years, modern models are significantly stinking with synthetic resins contained in the hull especially inside closed cabins. Such inhalations are not good for health. Beside this, new yachts do not always have well-adjusted standing and running ropes, however, if you are not a beginner skipper, you will set up and pull the rigging without problems while acceptance of the rented yacht.

You should also decide whether you would need to rent a yacht with a captain. If you have a yachting license, then you can manage without a captain, but on compound tide water areas with many streams and/or reefs (for example in Seychelles, Cuba, Norway, and Malaysia) it makes sense to employ a local captain who knows the water area well, at least for the first week of your charter.

After that, you will receive an e-mail with a selection of available yachts according to your criteria. If you want to book one of them, you inform us about it. Then we put the yacht "on the option" (so we prevent renting of the yacht by third parties for a short period of preparation of the contract and payment), we prepare the contract documents and discuss all questions about the transaction and configuration of the rented yacht as well as all possible additional services, sails and equipment.


The yachting season on warm seas never stops! And if you are seriously ill with yachting and cannot live without your next "dose" any more, we will share the good news with you: in winter, there are waters to sail too!

As budget directions for yacht rental we can suggest the Canary Islands and Thailand.For those who love southern exotics we will offer charters in Seychelles, Tahiti, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Madagascar, while Jack Sparrow's fans will be able to get a vivid impression of the seas of the New World and rent a yacht in the Caribbean.

Mediterranean is restless in winter – yachting with strong winds and storms in the waters of Turkey and Southern Italy will please the fans of extreme yachting.

Wherever you go to sail, we invite you to visit our Moscow office, where we have collected maps and pilots of different countries and charter waters.

In a cozy atmosphere with a cup of tea young skippers can plan their sailing and ask for any advice from their favorite trainers.

The right choice of the route, type of the yacht and fellow travelers is the key to unforgettable positive impressions about the journey. Renting a sail and motor yachts in a charter company isn't more difficult than renting a car, just the rules are a bit different. You will need a valid skipper certificate, returnable deposits and 100% payment for the rented yacht before exit on the sea: as a rule, you will have to pay 50% upon signing the contract and 50% – one month before the charter.

Advanced selection of a yacht
in one of our bases

Complete list of yachts in all bases
is available upon personal request
Select a yacht
Advanced selection of a yacht
in one of our databases
Complete list of yachts in all bases
is available upon personal request
yacht charter is opening new horizon for your travels
Yacht charter is opening new horizon
for your Family.