step by step

for beginner students
of the sailing school

Now we will tell you in detail about all the stages that you have to go through toward your independent captain's practice
Stages of your path:
Selecting of a date and sending an application
You should find a suitable date with free places in our CALENDAR-SCHEDULE and choose a convenient option of price of training.
Select a lodging class and send your application to us in free form

Watch also the video about "How to work with the new Calendar of yachting trainings"
see our Schedule
Receive confirmation of advanced booking
Receive an e-mail with confirmation of receiving your application
see our Schedule
Receive the Contract
Receive an e-mail with conformation of your advanced booking and the Contract.
Make a prepayment
In case you agree with the Contract, make a prepayment by selecting a payment method convenient to you
Start your self-preparation
If you wish to prepare yourself independently, receive the access to STUDY MATERIALS via e-mail. Study them.
Student's library (password protected)
Buy air tickets
Buy air tickets and sent their copies to our school.
Send us your photo
Send us or UPLOAD ON OUR WEBSITE YOUR PHOTO for the certificate.
Strict requirements:
Name and Surname-19xx.jpg
File size 0.1-1,5Mb
see certificate procedure
Pack your bags
Take NECESSARY THINGS for your sailing trip
see List of necessary things
Think about health insurance
You can also receive a HEALTH WATER SPORT INSURANCE (just in case).
That's just a recommendation.
Order transfer (optionally)
A week before your arrival, inform the school about the date when you arrive to our BASE IN MONTENEGRO or a BASE IN TURKEY and, if desired, ORDER TRANSFER to the marine where your yacht stands.
see. Order transfer
Come and check in on the yacht
Arrive on board on the stated day from 6 pm of the starting day (it is Saturday as default) to 10 am of the next day (it is usually Sunday)
There is no reception desk on the yacht or nearby – you should go straight onboard and meet your trainer. If you come late at night, please, make no noise as everybody may be sleeping. Just find free room and take it.

Complete a course of yachting training
Complete the course: (one week – seaman, ten days or two weeks – day skipper)

Watch two films about the training process in "Mediterranean Sea" and "Aegean Sea" sailings in Turkey

Pass the examinations
On Friday, you pass the examinations*. Receive a certificate of completion of the course.

* - those who fail the examination, can be offered by the school trainer to take a free additional week of training in the period between November and March and pass the examination again.

Order your life long certificate
ORDER AND PAY for your life long certificate.
It is not urgent, you can do within six months after the day you complete the training.
see certificate procedure
Leave the yacht
You should leave the yacht after graduation from 0:00 to 9:00 on the day of the course completion (it is generally Saturday).
Receive your certificate
Within two months after you pay for the license and send your photo, your certificate will arrive to the school. We will inform you via e-mail. We will ask you to specify your address to which you want the certificate to be delivered.
Go on the sea!
Within three months after your successful completion of training, in order to solidify your skills, we recommend you TO CHARTER A YACHT ***

*** - we provide our course leavers with a 10% discount for charters all over the world. Just contact the school.
see about the discounted charter
Gain experience and then we will wait you for the next course with night permission
Those who have sailed 800 independent miles in the role of a charter captain or in different fleets of our school, are invited to the course of OFFSHORE SKIPPER to obtain night permission and increase the remoteness of sailing from the shore or a sheltered port.
see Offshore Skipper course