ISSA Inland Skipper
for those who passed Yacht Crew exam
and wants to try inner waterways of Europe
just alongside the coastline
наша сотрудница Анна Салахова (Доронина) на мачте во время регаты MIRW
It allows to rent a yacht
Up to 15 meters long all over the world and perform navigation via lakes, rivers and other inner waterways during day-time, within 2 (!) sea miles away from a sheltered port and in weather conditions not more than 6 balls according to Beaufort scale.
Admission requirements
We require identification documents,
Minimum age required: 16 years old
lack of severe mental diseases, prolapses, severe affections of organs of speech, hearing and sight, as well as dangerous heart diseases and locomotor system problems. No health certificate is needed for recreational trainings.
Concept of the training
   For Yacht Crew holders = 7 days of training
   For newbies on sailing = 14 days of training
   Theory and practice may be combined on board.
  1. 1. Practical skills of skipper (show off);
    2. Theoretical knowledge of skipper (in writing);
    3. Test of knowledge of principles and regulations of radio communication (in writing)

    In case of failure to pass the examination, as a rule, the candidate can easily pass the test of knowledge of previous level of Yacht Crew
наша сотрудница Анна Салахова (Доронина) на мачте во время регаты MIRW
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