The course of VHF/SRC operator
VHF/SRC operator course is usually passed on board as part of the course of Inshore Skipper, but situations occur when students do not pass the exam or fail it, but still they need a certificate. That is why, we can give this short course, in fact, personally.
ship's VHF station
portable floating VHF station
VHF / SRC License
training set from two connected (by cable) VHF devices
The course of VHF/SRC operator
Knowledge and ability to use the ship's radio and possess skills of radio communications with other vessels and ports.
One of the major steps in your preparation for your yachting training will be the course of the marine radio operator: VHF in the frame of the program offered for sailors and yachtsmen.
Every professional sailor should know how to use the radio and communicate with other vessels on the sea. How to call a rescue service in an emergency. How to request a place for mooring in marina. What service channels you should set in the radio to receive information about weather forecasts or distress calls, to communicate with the rescue and coastal services, managers of ports and marinas. In the process of training you will also learn the abbreviated codes of the English alphabet for the verbal designation of letters. You will learn how to work with a portable and stationary radio on the sea. During the training radio communications with other vessels of the training flotilla you will master all nuances of a radio operator job.
VHF/SRC certificate is required upon receipt of Offshore Skipper and Master of Yacht license.
The course involves the skills of working with ship's and portable VHF-radio stations. Fluent communication with nearby and distant vessels and the is lead in English as well as distress signals, alerts, and weather forecasts.
While taking a yacht in charter you will 100% need a skipper certificate. The radio operator's certificate is asked only in some countries.
This document is often requested by charter companies in such countries as Croatia and Thailand.
In Greece and Turkey, you do not need a certificate of VHF/SRC operator, but this knowledge is certainly needed before renting a yacht.
The cost of skipper training includes the course of VHF which is actually held on board, as it is an integral part of complete training of a skipper.
At the end of the training you also pass the examination on VHF. No additional payment is taken for this course.
Sometimes students do not order a VHF/SRC certificate while the training. You can always contact us and ask for your VHF/SRC certificate. We will check in our database that you passed the VHF examination and after you pay for a plastic card, we will order your VHF/SRC certificate.
The course VHF can be taken in three ways:
● Onsite in the process of yachting training (included into the course)
● Onsite by listening of a lecture in one of our host cities (100 euro)
● Offline by reading the materials of the course (for free) and passing oral and written examination (50 euro).
The certificate is paid (100 euro) only in case of successful passing of the VHF examination.
The order and issuing term is 4-6 weeks.

VHF/SRC is the only course that can be taken online with an examination that can be passed through a video call on skype or any messenger (we keep all examinations recordings).

Day and time of the examination are agreed with the trainer individually.
We take a payment for the certificate only in case of your successful passing of the examination. The examination costs 50 euro.
There is no limit in attempts quantity.
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