Trainer's course
The job of a trainer in a sailing school is the highest ambition of any young seaman. It is year-round work as a trainer on the Mediterranean, possibility to choose the most convenient schedule, a salary amounted to 2000 euro per month, daily communication with new people and the ever-living wine-dark sea. These are the carrots of the job that are known to many. Circulation of faces, ports and cities, daily life on water, lodging in the saloon without any hint on privacy, almost no away days, almost no opportunity to get some free space away from your funny and curious charges, a must to be always (even if you are sick) in good shape, mentally resilient and kind to everyone, even to very strange students distorted by modern civilization.

Well, not anybody will do.

Nevertheless, we give you a chance
It allows to teach students
up to the levels of:

- Yacht Crew;
- Inshore Skipper;
- Offshore Skipper;
- VHF Radio operator

It gives a possibility to be employed in a yachting school, and after reaching next trainer's levels and getting experience – to try to open your own school.
Admission requirements

  1. Every instructor candidate should:
  • Pass the Offshore Skipper Exam before approaching the course or hold an equivalent valid certificate of in the system of ISSA or IYT, RYA, ASA;
  • have identification documents;
  • Have at least 3 years experience after passing the above mentioned exam (ca. 3000 nm) or readiness to show off the skills that can be acquired by practice only at the entrance test;
  • Hold First Aid or Rescue certificate
  • Hold Sea Survival certificate
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least high school education
  • Should submit valid fitness declaration stating that he/she is fit for the activity
  • Health certificate (it is possible to be medical examined in a hospital on-site);
  • Beginner level of English is required. It is recommended to be fluent at naval vocabulary;
  1. PLEASE NOTICE that copies of all of the above mentioned documents should be presented upon submitting the application for the course

Concept of training
14 days of training on the sea.

+ Two 14-days courses of supervised shipboard service as a trainer.

In total: 42 days

Training of tested groups under surveillance of a foreign examiner
Captain's place onboard
Instructor's Course
Training for young instructors
1stpart – 2 weeks
Period for the trainer's course is chosen with the approval of the director of the yachtschool.
It includes a test of 100% level of theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidate to the extent of the programs of Inshore Skipper (an analogue of Bareboat Skipper, Day Skipper), quick refresh of gaps, radical improvement of yachting qualification in theory and practice.
The second week of the trainer's course is dedicated to study of pedagogical method of training, psychological features, methods of management of crew and individuals to include it 100% into the training process.

Cost amounts to 1580 euro

2nd part - 2 weeks
Period is chosen on agreement
The trainee is trained in a real group. It includes coastal and/or offshore sailing.
Cost amounts to 400 euro/week

3d part - 2 weeks
Period is chosen on agreement
The trainee is trained in a real group (under surveillance of a teacher-trainer). It includes coastal and offshore sailing.
Cost amounts to 150 euro/week

During the period dedicated to the second and third parts of the practice, we estimate and correct the ways the future trainer implements in practice all scripts learnt in the process of the training course and standardize his approach to settling of tasks and problems arising while work with the group.

The last week of the third part of the practice includes a final examination with assistance of an invited inspector from the certification system of ISSA.

According to the results of the final examination we take a decision to nominate the candidates to the title of a trainer and issue a trainer's certificate for the candidates who successfully pass the examination. (300 euro)
In case of failure to pass the examination by a candidate we give him the right pass the examination again only once in six months. The second examination is for free, but the school recommends refreshing the knowledge by taking a practical course from the trainer.

The price does not include air-flights, meals, transfer, medical insurance, and cost of registration of the final certificate.

We do NOT guarantee any further employment in advance. After the first week of training and getting acquainted with the future trainer, the administration of the school may offer him a further cooperation under contract (after completion of training). In this (and only in this) case, we make it possible to make interest-free installment payments for the main the trainer's course and the trainer's practice applied toward the payment for future work under contract.

Nominated sailing and motor trainers may be invited to work at our school.

Our staff trainers, working under contract, must further study the rules and regulations of our school, know in details the surrounding water area at the level of pilotage, get additional storm skills on the open sea and off the coast, have the skills to fix problems of the vessel "in the field", study the features of reporting and electronic document flow of the school, know the content of a sample contract with the client and be able to interpret it correctly, as well as comply with the dress-code of the teaching staff. All above-mentioned skills are acquired during the first four months of work in our school.

Good luck!
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Became a SeaWolf!
Became a SeaWolf!
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