"Total Recall" - is a course of intensive therapy of skipper skills after a long lack of practice
Damn it! She is obedient to my will!
Turn now, honey!
based on "Titanic"
"Total recall"
Refreshing of skills before your first charter
Who needs?
This new spring course is aimed at those yachtsmen who have received a skipper diploma long ago, but due to the lack of practice, have forgotten a lot or just do not feel confident enough to rent a yacht in the coming season.
In order to take the course, it is not important to have an experience of independent sailing, but it is important to have (no matter where and how long ago) a certificate of initial captain's level (Inshore Skipper, Day Skipper, Bareboat Skipper, Bareboat Captain). As soon as to teach a beginner who confuses the mainsail with a genoa, a bowline knot with the figure of eight knot is the task of all other regular courses, our course is not the one that will teach you to make knots. We believe that you still remember them, and if not, then you will manage to recall them yourself.

Recall what?
First and foremost, we recall in detail the standard skills of mooring or take a berth/leave a berth (longside, stern-to, bow-to) with the crew and independently – we give 6 tries of each method for each crew member, weighing the anchor and mooring.
Basic phrases of radio communication and using the radio.
The sequence of actions while departing. Rules of exits of marines, getting back and, generally, life hacks of an effective interaction with port services, marines and mariners-assistances.
Legal nuances of charter. The procedure of check-in and check-out of the yacht is a real headache even for an experienced skipper. We will study real-life examples from the charter practice of our school and our graduates.
How to organize the procedure of check-in procedure of the yacht and not to miss anything important and what should be watched in the first place, whether there are any regional features of check-in|check-out in different, in which cases it is necessary to insure the deposit and what insurance options presents on the market, what to do if they are trying to pin on you the damages that are not your fault, where the breakdowns usually hide, where you should definitely look for the breakdowns, and what is the most important – how to minimize the damage and money loss, if something really happened through your fault.
A separate conversation is about planning a passage, spare waypoints of the route, and how not to get to nighttime at the sea and how to behave if it happens.
It is also important to remember how to get weather forecasts, tested programs, weather sites and applications and the ways of their use.
Then we will explore everything about charters: practical and legal nuances of orders, payments, check-in/check-out of a charter yacht and the risks of loss of a security deposit. We will also study peculiarities of entry into the territorial waters as well as requirements to the captains set by the port authorities. Basic ship documents.
Undoubtedly, we will sail on the sea and test the reflexes of handling a vessel on motor and under sail as well as practice all actions while falling a man overboard. We will remember how and where we should drop anchor accurately and how much amount of chain we should drop in each case.
Our choice of the route depends on current weather. Every evening we'll eat out in picturesque restaurants that will start to open by that time.

What should I read in advance?
Your old manuals.
You got lost? – We will send you a link again.

Seven days.

In Marmaris, Turkey
All activities take place in the area of Marmaris, Çiftlik and adjacent waters. We don't prepare any special entertainment program. As our task is to patch the holes in the skills that haven't been practiced for a long time, and we have precious little time for this.

On the yacht. Double lodging. There are also possible options of staying in a coastal hotel at the price of from 30 euro/per night.

How many participants?
We estimated the volume of the program and decided that in order to devote enough time to everyone, we should accept six students maximum per boat.
(Optionally, we can organize the course for an individual at separate cost)

How much?
The cost including fuel and stops amounts to 500 euro/person.
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